Lop To It

2003 (13:50) – Continuing with the mockumentary genre, LTI is about the world’s most prodigal bunny, as he makes his journey into history as the first rabbit in space. Libertine is a highly successful actor, athlete, and humanitarian. A true “Renaissance Bunny”. His ultimate goal is the stars and we talk to people he has met on the way there. A friend. His adoptive mother. An old coworker. It seems Libertine leaves a lasting impression wherever he goes.

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  1. […] Libertine died today. Bucky is devastated. I don’t know what to do with myself. Libby was the only pet I’ve ever really had. Certianly the only one I cared about. There were some goldfish and maybe a hermit crab. But Libby was my special little man. I loved him and his soft fur and his big ears. When he was a little baby bunny he used to run around and trip on his long ears. He was bubbling with personality. Everyone fell in love with him when they met him. Libby was a Holland Lop. He was the inspiration and star of the Miabi Film Lop To It. […]

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