Arrest Arrested Development’s arrested development

Arrest Arrested Development’s arrested development!

A friend of mine sent me this picture:

I asked him, “Where’d you get that? I love it. Was it on a petition website or something”
He said, “No, it was on someone’s blog”

At that moment, I realized that this is what I need to be blogging about. Arrested Development (AD) is quite simply one of the funniest shows to come around in years. The writing is off-the-wall. Some of the most intelligent comedic writing I’ve ever seen. The characters are hilarious. And so ridiculous that they are often times cartoony. AD’s cast has perfect comedic timing! I love them all but I’d have to say my personal favorite characters are Lucille, George Michael, and GOB. Screw it, I love them all.

How can an Emmy winning, Golden Globe winning, bravura comedy such as this be on the edge of cancellation? FOX. Fox has a long history of canceling good shows. Most recently with Family Guy. They’ve since realized the err of their ways and picked that up again. From what I understand, AD is simply not getting enough ratings. That’s horse shit because Fox hasn’t done enough to promote the show. American Idol is the only thing Fox cares about and its sick. Idol is pure popcorn garbage. AD is high brow comedy. Fuck reality TV. Save Arrested Development!! Write Fox. Sign petitions. Buy the DVDs. We need more AD!

I give complete credit for the picture above to that unknown blogger. If said blogger ever comes across this blog, email me.

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