bloggin’ bout bloggin’

Ever since I started this blog I look at it every day and try to conjure up something to write. I want my posts to be good and meaningful and full of percipience, but I’m finding it difficult to be so witty on a daily basis. Cunning observations take time. Instead I’ll sit there, staring at a blank page. It gets me down man. I want to tear up the screen. I’m doing this because it seems like a good avenue to get out and write, not because it’s techno-trendy… Just need to find my bloggin’ “voice”.

Blogs are the wave of the future. Instant, warranted information about anyone who wants to share it. Networked diaries. There was an article on Yahoo! today about NBC’s President wanting his anchors to start writing blogs in order to retain appeal in a webloggin’ marble. Instant news is obviously a good use for blogs, but I can see a use for it in almost anything. Besides, there doesn’t have to be a use. It’s just something to do. As a futurist, I must (and want to) embrace this new net-ready personal register technology.

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