Bloggin’ bout Vloggin’

In this piece… vlogging, video blogging, video podcasting, and vodcasting all mean the same thing.

I think the new iPod is the coolest thing. It looks beautiful. Sounds beautiful. And plays videos!! It can hold more songs than ever before, yet is smaller in size than the last generation model. I’ve said it before, this is going to (or has already) change the way we handle our personal media. Now, not only does your CD collection come with your wherever you go, but your DVDs too.

It’s just a matter of time before you pop your DVDs into the computer, open iTunes, and import them like you would your CDs. The software to do this is already available and free (Handbrake) and I’ve already begun. You always need to future-proof.

It was only a matter time before video blogging or video podcasting or vodcasting became the next big thing. The iPod and iTunes have basically made that happen. Blogs are old-school. If you don’t have video, you’re archaic. You can get video right in iTunes and bring your favorite (miabifilms) vodcast with you to the gym, courtesy of the newest iPod. Video podcasts are freely available in iTunes from around the world. Everyone can be an anchorman.

The only thing holding vlogging back is content. What we found out is that if you have something to say, and present it in a readable manner, people tend to read it. That is how blogging became so successful. But video blogging is an entirely new sport. Who’s going to download a poor quality video of you giving your opinion on global warming? They only way for this new form of broadcasting to succeed is for you to provide interesting and differentiated content.

Not everyone can vlog yet. It takes many more resources to stage a vlog than mere blogging and podcasting. Everyone (hopefully) can write, not everyone has access to a mobile tv station. Sure, many people have webcams and free video editing software that comes with your computer. But this tends to lead to the low bitrate talking head syndrome we are not interested in with vloggin. And not everyone has the talent or resources to make fascinating content with their video cameras.

All that being said. Miabifilms is now aligning itself to be a vodcast content distributor. Our videos will not be updated daily, but they are available in iTunes when they’re released. As such, most of our older videos are now iPod-friendly (converted to h.264 format) and ready to be put on your little white or black music toy. In all cases, the iPod version is also the best quality file available on Miabi Films. Aside from the slightly larger file sizes, this is a win-win situation. I suggest, if you have Quicktime 7 and a little bit of extra patience, you always use the iPod version of our videos. The quality usually looks great.

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