Can I take your order?

Let it be said that a restaurant is a very dramatic place to work. It is a constant soap opera. As one who likes to observe the behavior of others, I can get my fill every day at the restaurant. There are little cliques. Little factions. Everyone’s talking behind everyone else’s back. No one is actually happy to be there. And of course, everyone is complaining about the guests. It’s great.

The cast of characters that make up the wait staff at my restaurant should be award winning. Each and every one of them brings a different psychosis to the table. I feel I’m the most normal of them all, but assume to be the only one that feels this way. On any given day you can find a waiter crying or screaming at the unfortunate manager on duty that night…. The same manager that is only there because someone told them the proper way to handle the situation when an irate guest finds a bug in her salad. Most of the waiters and waitresses can do their jobs much better than these managers. So just leave us alone and let us do it.

We all drink too much coffee. We all smoke too many cigarettes. We all take too much shit from the pushy guests. Although I can’t stand working there, I respect everyone who does.

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