Faux Pases

Isn’t there an unwritten rule, written down somewhere, which states that you are not allowed to borrow something from someone else, if that someone else just bought that something?

There has got to be a statute of limitations on something like this. Lets say its a digital camera you just bought. When would it be acceptable to ask to borrow it? 3 weeks? Month and a half? Longer? Shorter?

I recently bought the first season of LOST on DVD. I had already watched every episode of this phenomenal show. Included in the box set is a special features disc with many many hours of additional footage and goodies from the show. Clearly a main selling point. Having the show preserved in pristine condition for prosperity, along with 8 hours of extra features, was enough to make MY mouth water.

A coworker, who is also into LOST, heard I got the DVD and asked to borrow the special features DVD. Two days after I bought it! The conversation made me uncomfortable. I really wanted to say no. A major rule of borrowing etiquette had been broken. It doesn’t matter that I had already watched all of the bonus material and was essentially done with the disc. The fact that I had just bought it two days earlier remained. I couldn’t say no, because no one had ever put me in that position before. Since I was done with the DVD, there was really no reason for me not to lend it to him, except to follow those unwritten rules.

Maybe its just a distrust of all people to not treat my stuff as good as I treat it.

Selfish or stickler?

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