Kubrick Kick

I’m on a Stanley Kubrick bender right now. It’s a pretty lame bender, but a bender nonetheless. For the past four nights I’ve attempted to watch Kubrick’s final moving picture: Eyes Wide Shut. I decided at some point on Thursday that I wanted to see it again. In each attempt since thursday, I fall asleep at the same part. The part where Tom Cruise goes to the strange, cloak and mask swingers party. (which, If you’ve seen the movie, is the big payoff) What’s weird is that sure, its a slow paced film, but I find the movie captivating and eerie. The tone of the film is bleak throughout. Maybe watching it at 3 am is not helping the cause? I finally woke up this morning, made a cup of coffee, and finished it. Being a proud owner of The Stanley Kubrick Collection DVD box set, I have seen Eyes Wide Shut before. But this time I felt different about it. This movie did not get the credit it deserved… as a movie. Much less a Stanley Kubrick movie.

It’s easy to see why. Kubrick was a cinema deity. His other movies are so well known and so dynamic that Eyes Wide Shut simply got lost in the glare of his past. It IS arguably the “worst” of his movies. (although Full Metal Jacket is over-rated) Our expectations are probably what killed the movie. But if one were to take Kubrick out of the credits, you’d have an interesting comment on marriage, adultery, commitment, and love. Eyes Wide Shut needs to be recognized as a good movie.

Off to watch Barry Lyndon….

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