Moving, wacky landlords, and the thought processes contained therein

I have been so busy moving that I have neglected Moments. I apologize to everyone hanging on every word I type.

My ex-girlfriend Becky and I had shared an apartment together. We crammed all of our earthly belongings into a tiny 3 room living space on a noisy street in Summit, NJ. Since breaking up, I have been remiss in getting my stuff and its come to the point of moving out. And there’s a lot of stuff to move. Not only did I have to deal with a June 1st move out deadline (after starting only 4 days earlier), but I have crazy landlords who want to sue. And this is the most time I’ve spent with my ex-girlfriend since we broke up. It’s been a hard couple of days.

A little background about those wacky landlords. These are not the people we signed the lease with. That guy sold the building to these difficult people who evidently do not know how to deal with tenants yet. Since taking over the building in late January they have accused us of lying, smelling, and being sloppy. They have threatened to call the cops and sue us. The electricity in half the apartment didn’t work for two months. They barge in whenever they feel like it. Regardless of whether we are home or not. In addition, they claim we did not pay the security deposit or the first and last month’s rent. Both of which are in the lease. We wouldn’t have been able to rent the apartment if we hadn’t paid these things. Yet somehow, we’re lying about it.

Becky has had to deal with these people more than I have. Since they have never once claimed to have our security deposit, at the advice of a lawyer, Becky withheld April’s rent. This was done to protect ourselves. Although one claims to be a lawyer, he had no idea I was on the lease. Bloody brilliant.

As we were moving out, we were confronted by these two lunatics in the flesh, who of course called us liars again. They believe we are trying to sneak out of the apartment. When was the last time you snuck out of a building carrying a 3 person couch, french press, and a 4×4 picture of a koala bear? After posturing for what seemed like hours to actually get a word in, I explained that I can provide proof that we have paid both the security deposit and the last month’s rent (May). We are honest people and will pay for April’s rent when we are assured that our security deposit is in a safe account. These people can’t be this stupid and one has to wonder how our flaky old landlord plays into all this.

Moving can be difficult on anyone, much less two people under a lot of stress who are recently broken up. It was difficult to be in such close quarters with my ex. Every time we would hug, I had a difficult time stopping myself from grabbing her ass. I still have feelings for her. We were fighting most of the time, but that was because of the stress. We rarely fought while we were together. We must be stronger people because of this fiasco.

So that’s where I’ve been the past week.

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