parum Diabolus

2005 (4:49) – This is my first attempt at a thriller. Basically I’m ripping off David Lynch. Right down to the Angelo Badalementi score. John was a great director of photography on this one. It would have been out of focus without him. I don’t remember how the idea came to me, but I remember it materializing very quickly. I hope you’re terrified.

iPod/iPhone version. Right click to download. 49 mb

check out the parum Diabolus teaser…


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  2. Ruben May 21, 2006

    This was a nice little short. It proves again how important sound and music is to a film. I was all into it waiting for the kill and instead a got an ending that is very familiar to people that have asshole roomates, good job on this one.

  3. Greg October 4, 2009

    Hey. Wanted to put this up on Vimeo and decided to polish it with some color tweaks while I was at it. Also found a second teaser I had never posted.

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