Put them in the Iron Maiden!

Am I taking crazy pills?

Why is torture all of a sudden a big deal? It’s all over the news. Torture at Guantanamo Bay. People up in arms about certain governments using torture to gain information. So what?? People have been using torture for THOUSANDS of years. There is nothing new here. Maybe I watch the show 24 too much, but it seems to me that if a captured radical has dedicated his or her life to the religion of terrorism…. and we need to get information out of him or her…. sometimes, removing a finger or two is the only way. Information is the most powerful thing in the world. I guess I was always under the assumption that torture was an accepted interorgation technique.

Abu Ghraib is a different story. Torture for purely entertainment purposes is totally unacceptable. The senseless mistreatment of POWs for the sake of taking a picture is just stupid and barbaric. If I’m confusing this issue, please let me know.

And while we’re at it. What’s this hoopla about wire-tapping all of a sudden? Its ridiculous.The government has been wire-tapping since the phone was invented. And everyone has basically known about it. Sure it’s never said, but its never really been a secret either. Why all of a sudden do people have a problem with it? Don’t want your phone tapped? Don’t involve yourself with things that deserve tapping.

If you want real, seriously disgusting torture. Look no further than Josef Mengele. This guy was fucked up.

I don’t know. Its New Years Eve and I’m in a particularly vial mood today.

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  1. Dennis January 3, 2006

    greg – long time fan, first time caller.

    you hit the nail on the head w/ this one. c’mon, there are so many legitimate reasons to get down on the current administration but suddenly everyone is acting like these two mainstays of warfare are such a big deal. war is terrible – deal.

    people want to act like we’re too civilized to torture actual terrorists or – god forbid – listen to their conversations but there’s nothing wrong with bombing ten of thousands of innocent people?

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