Reading Is Fundamental

I went “down the shore” this weekend with a goal in the back of my mind.

The frequency of my visits to the shore has slowed in recent years, but being from New Jersey, it’s a pilgrimage you have to make at least two or three times a summer. It was my intent on this particular trip to sit by the pool and read my book. I’ve been trying to finish this book for the better part of a year, but haven’t had the time to actually sit down and read. This weekend was supposed to be a little vacation where I could sit by the pool, turn my pasty white skin to a bronze, and make some good strides in my book. Maybe even finish it.

The book is Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. This is the third book in a trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars) about the fourth rock from the sun. The series deals with terraformation and the first settlements/towns/cities on the planet. And although there are certain science fiction aspects to the novels that are not possible today, (i.e. people are offered a medical treatment that essentially allows you to live forever.) they essentially deal with politics, ethics, and other human issues. Robinson poses many questions about the future of our own planet and how we will deal with growing problems today. The series is outstanding and I really wanted to finish it. Thus my mission this weekend.

After lunch on Saturday I was ready to put my plan into action. First I played a little basketball to get the juices flowing and work up a sweat. It wasn’t too hard because it was sweltering down there. I jumped in the pool to quickly cool off. It was time. Pulled the lounge chair into the sun. Once the proper amount of sun block was applied, I was ready. Wait. Need my Ice tea. Now I’m ready. Boy it’s hot out here.

Then I dozed off and dropped my book. The bookmark fell out.

Didn’t attempt to read again. Thankfully, I remembered the chapter I was on, so I’ll have to restart from the beginning. I probably read about -20 pages this weekend. Good work!

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