See you in April, Fools

Tonight, the New York Yankees lost the deciding Game 5 of the American League Divisional Series to the Los Angeles Angels. The Bombers are out of the playoffs. It is officially the off-season. It has been a roller coaster season, but this loss seems to really sting. It sucks to see your team lose like this. For the Yankees, anything short of winning the World Series is a disappointment, but I really thought this would be the year after a couple of disappointing seasons.

I guess it only seemed like it. September was very deceiving. Randy Johnson was dominant at the end of the season. Possibly back to his old self. And New York was one of the hottest teams in baseball at the end of the regular season, finally triumphing over the Red Sox on the second to last day of the year to take the AL East crown. They had everything going their way going into the playoffs.

But in the first round against the Angels. They imploded.

After a season-long struggle with a battered pitching staff, condensing the entire ALDS into one game, it was the hitters that failed the Yankees in the end. There were numerous opportunities for them to put more runs on the board, but their offense did not come through.

Their big three RBI guys; ARod, Sheffield, and Matsui were shut down. Without these guys knocking people in, there’s a dim chance to win. The menacing Yankee lineup, that is supposedly feared by most teams, was reduced to ordinary men. Breaks my heart.

I’m sure this will be a very, very busy winter.

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