Star Wars: Full Circle

After years of waiting, I finally got to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The final chapter of the prequels that brings the story full circle to the original movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. Now I wouldn’t call myself a Star Wars geek, but I know and love the movies enough to often get miss-categorized as one.

I can remember in the mid-90’s when I first heard Lucas was going to release three more prequel films. I thought it was impossible. It would never happen. Too fantastic. The timeline was so long, I thought the wait would be forever. And it was! Then The Phantom Menace came out and while I enjoyed seeing a new Star Wars movie, it never really did it for me. Sure the robust story was there, but as a movie (which, sorry George, includes acting) it failed. It didn’t have the same effect as any of the originals. I believe it was ultimately crushed under the weight of its own special effects. This argument can probably be made for all three of the prequels actually.

Attack of the Clones I liked. There I said it. I like the love story. I like Anakin and Padme. I liked the battles and the beginning of the Clone Wars. Sure the acting is terrible, and again, I have to blame Lucas, but it’s all about the story and the mythology for me. Yes, a lot of the exposition is cringe-worthy, but with all of them, I’m willing to look past it because I love Star Wars. Seeing Yoda kick ass at the end was really one of the greatest thrills in movie history. No one saw it coming. Maybe I need to see this one again to realize I don’t like it?

Sith was a fun movie. It tied the story up fairly well. Everyone knows that Darth Vader is a bad mother fucker, but know one really knew why. We’ve been told for years now that these newer movies will show Anakin’s descent to the dark side. Finally in this movie we got the payoff. Or did we? I happen to think this is the biggest failure of the prequel trilogy. Anakin’s turn to the dark side wasn’t convincing to me. It seemed to happen very abruptly. Nothing really happened that was so terrible and heartbreaking that he should become so evil. Maybe that’s how it goes in the Star Wars universe? It seems to me that Anakin Skywalker; the most powerful Jedi ever, the Christ figure who was immaculately conceived, is made a slave with little to no effort. Lucas gave us a weak argument. I submit that I do need to see it again… and soon. I will say that Darth Vader is truly a tragic character and you feel very bad for him in this movie. Almost to the point of tears.

Lets admit, nostalgia is the main reason why these films are so popular. The story is rich and the action and special effects are wonderful, But when I was a kid I thought Star Wars was more than just movies. They were clearly special. Old themes like good vs evil will never die. Maybe I’ll be nostalgic for these three new movies in a decade too. I guarantee I’ll buy that 6 disc dvd box set as soon as it comes out.

Scratch all that, the reason the prequels weren’t as good as the originals is because there was not a single character with the charm of Harrison Ford. And they’re too complex. Too much is going on at all times. Keep it simple. That’s another reason why the originals worked so well. The prequel trilogy is essentially overwritten

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