Star Wars: Han’s rescue

Luke Skywalker is largely credited for rescuing Han from Jabba the Hut.

A recap of how it went down:

R2-D2 and C3PO are sent to Jabba’s palace with a message from Luke. The two droids show Jabba the hologram and then are immediately put into bondage. 3PO is Jabba’s interpreter and R2 works on the sail barge as a cocktail waiter.

Then Leia and Chewie show up. Leia acting as a bounty hunter coming to claim the reward on a “captured” Chewbacca. Jabba pays the bounty and Chewie is locked up. Leia, in the middle of the night, frees Han from the carbonite, but Jabba has seemingly set a trap for them. They are both imprisoned. Han with Chewie, and Leia as Jabba’s hot slave. Lando at this point has already penatrated the palace acting as another bounty hunter.

This is when Luke shows up and demands Han and Chewie be given to him. Jabba dumps him in the pit with a giant monster and opens the windows for his palace to watch Luke’s demise. Luke wins, and they are taken to the desert to be dropped in a venus fly trap hole in the sand.

They all escape and the day is saved. Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke, Lando, R2, and C3PO.


Here are my questions:
Did Luke in fact plan this entire rescue? Was he working alone? Or were there in fact two rescue attempts going on? (Luke’s / Leia and Chewie’s. Its not sure who Lando was with)

Assuming Luke planned the entire thing… Luke even showing up must have been plan B right? Leia had already freed Han when Jabba surprised them. I assume she had planned to simply escape from the palace once freeing Han.

Did they even plan to rescue the droids? They had no idea where Jabba would put R2 and 3PO. He could have destroyed them immediately for all they knew. Lets say Han and Leia successfully escape… do they go back for the droids?

That is all.

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