That’s a quarter in the swear jar

Today, my friend and I got our applications approved to rent a new apartment. I am looking forward to the increase in space. I’ll be moving to Montclair, NJ. A bustling little college town in Essex County. The new locale affords me easy access to Montclair State University and the Big Apple via train. We will be living in an area that is literally being transformed overnight because of its proximity to a midtown-direct train station. There are dozens of trendy little shops and cafe`s that are right up my alley. Likewise, the new pad is within walking distance of downtown, which plays host to numerous bars, restaurants, and theaters.

Moving ALWAYS, no matter how many pennies you pinch, costs a lot of money. There’s simply no way around it. Expenses you never even dreamed of will inexplicably pop up. I wait with anticipation for that first trip to Costco. The one where we drop 2 hundo on a 60 lb. plastic jar of peanuts, a year’s supply of trash can liners, and enough toilet paper to wipe the asses of the entire Yankees organization.

Then of course there’s decorating the apartment. We’ll need stuff to put on the walls. Stuff to put on the floor. Stuff to put in corners. A rug really ties the room together. Luckily, having done this before, I’ve collected many of these things already. Can you say that you have a full set of shower curtain rings and a cast iron wine rack in storage? I wont even go into the multiple George Foreman Grills collected dust in my parent’s pantry.

No more complaints here though. After spending nearly two months tirelessly searching for the perfect apartment, I think we came pretty close.

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