Welcome to the new Miabifilms.com!

Finally. Something new to look at. I’ve retired my attempt at web design for good. It was a fun ride, but there’s simply not enough time in the day to fool around with messy html code. I am now using WordPress, a beautiful web application for creating dynamic web sites. It’ll make things at miabifilms a lot easier to look at and use. I’m personally excited because now I don’t have to worry about how to make things work. WordPress enables me to effortlessly update the site, and will be congruent to more timely content. Hope you enjoy. In addition to the complete redesign, I’ve added my blog to the website, which has been kept fairly secret for a few months now. It’s a place for me to ramble and I like it. Although its separate from the the film aspect of the site, it’ll be a good representation of where I’m coming from most of the time.

I encourage you to use the new “comments” feature to give us feedback on our movies. Its simple to use and we would love to hear your reactions. Good or bad.

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