What’s this pubic hair doing on my Coke?

I told a girl at work tonight that she “looks way hotter without makeup on.” What ensued was a tirade the likes of which Attila the Hun was capable of. She stormed off, only to walk back a few minutes later to ask, “Why do you think it was OK to say that?” I simply said, “oh come on? It was a compliment.” She said, “but that means you think I look like dump.” I replied, “That’s not at all what I said, I just think you don’t need to wear makeup.” This was of course followed with another storm-off and a “Get away from me you asshole.”

Later she apologized for getting so upset.

Its hard to give you a feeling for the tone I used. I was certainly no angel. It wasn’t a nice gentle, “you know, you have such a natural beauty that makeup becomes unnecessary” Nor was it a devilish, “you’re fucking ugly, take your makeup off”

Probably somewhere in the middle, with clear amorous teasing involved. I guess I was testing the waters a little. It was meant to be ambiguous and flirty at the same time. Clearly I chose the wrong subject.

Isn’t this a compliment? Or was it bad judgment by me to say this to such a capricious person?

Not once did she accuse me of sexual harassment, but I bet you it probably could have been construed as such by someone. Luckily, I wasn’t touching myself or anything.

In fact, and I’ll probably get attacked for this, but I bet that many sexual harassment cases are brought on by overreacting men and woman. Usually because of something a moron like me said.

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