Where do you want to go this year?

My ultimate dream vacation is to go into space. I don’t care where. You wanna go to the moon? We’ll go to the moon. Of course, I could settle for a trip to a space hotel in, say low earth orbit (LEO). Space Tourism has become quite a buzz word and things are finally starting to happen. You can fly to the edge of space right now. It’ll cost you a lot of money and you’ll probably have to go through a some kind of training. During this exercise, you’ll be able to see the black of space, the curvature of the earth, and experience a few precious minutes of weightlessness. In a few very short years, trips to the edge of space won’t be the extreme adventure they are today. They will be routine for paying customers. And Branson and Virgin Galactic will make them very visible. Advancing farther up, trips to a space hotel are not impossible and the technology exists today to make them work. Its just a matter of money. Investors are afraid to put their money into such a risky venture. The Japanese Shimizu Corporation (in concert with Kawasaki) has already designed both the rocket and the hotel. This video, cut together using footage from the Discovery Wings channel, gives a little demonstration. The song is Track 03 (Samskeyti) by Sigur Ros off of ( ).

Where did you want to go again?

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