You want to do WHAT with my closet?

The best drinking game…. and write this down kiddies…. is Flip Cups.

Two teams of 3-6 people standing around a table (preferably an upturned closet door) facing each other. Each with a cup about 1/4 filled with beer.

1..2..3..go! The first person on either team chugs their beer and then places the empty cup at the edge of the table, slightly hanging off. Now you have to flip the cup with one finger until the cup lands upside down on the table. Repeat until you flip the cup properly over. This is a relay, so the next person does the same thing. Once he/she is done, it goes on to the next, and then the next. The last person is usually your best flipper and called “The Anchor”. This is most likely the friendly frat guy or the quiet, only gets rowdy with alcohol, girl. First team to flip its last cup over successfully, wins. Winning team takes on the next opponent. Good times.

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