All Tomorrow’s Parties

I really hate New Year’s Eve. Hate. It’s like the Fourth of July, Halloween, your birthday, and your best friend’s birthday all wrapped into one. Then multiplied by 4. There is this amazing amount of pressure, both internal and external, to have the greatest night of your life. Usually involving a $100+ cover to some place for an open bar that you’ll never even approach getting your money’s worth from. And as much as you want to stay home and keep it low key for New Year’s, you can’t, because you’ll be staying home for New Year’s. I applaud any of you that can do this. In the end it’s usually a disappointment. The only relief from this madness is a small gathering of close friends at someone’s house or apartment. But these are generally hard to find. Halloween is the other holiday that comes close to the expectations of NYE, but at least you get to dress up as Darth Vader, or Batman, or a sexy nurse and forget who you are for a night.

I have multiple reasons why I hate NYE so forgive me for being a crummudgeon. You may not agree with me, but oh well. I hope you all have a great time.

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  1. Greg January 7, 2007

    Actually I had a pretty good New Years. Maybe its not so bad.

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