An Old List

This is a list I had up over at Myspace in the “About Me” section. It was time to refresh my list but I didn’t want to lose these because I thought some were pretty funny. And true. So… About Me:

I make lists.

I’m inquisitive. I need answers. I love to learn. This has gotten me
into trouble. Also, I talk too much. This has also gotten me into

I can be negative. Cynical. Inappropriate.

I’m obsessed with the future.

I really love when a company with a word in their phone number will
help you out by putting the actual numbers right beside it in

Everyone loves a key change.

I like observing things.

Taylor ham, egg, & cheese on a bagel is the greatest thing known to

Putting a wet bathing suit on is the worst thing known to man.

I’m proud to be Italian.

I try to find a different angle than everyone else.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not for the skimpy outfits girls
wear, but for the candy!

I have an opinion on pretty much everything. Buying me a drink is the
quickest way to get it out of me.

Simply looking at lettuce effects me like nails on a chalkboard.

What is it about food fights that is so damn contagious?

The nickname “Greggie” has followed me around wherever I go. I don’t
know why. And I don’t approve.

I’ve always felt I was different. I didn’t like soda until college.

Half the people on Myspace are name-droppers.

I’m incredibly passionate about some things. And woefully remiss about
others. Go figure.

Clearing the lint fence in the dryer is pure rapture.

I hate routine. I have 5 routes mapped out for my drive to work just
to avoid the monotony of my commute. I refuse to be a lemming.

My biggest problem is keeping up with old friends.

I usually regret at least two things I’ve said after a night of

The only thing worse than Oreos teeth….. is Cheetos teeth.

I want to be a space tourist.

My best friend is better friends with my brother.

The Muppets are the coolest!

I love Baseball.

I have a blog. Read it or

I make movies. Check out my latest short at Miabi Films

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