Get that monkey off your back

So I was just in the elevator and in the elevator are TVs. TVs that stream the day’s headlines. You know.. so you have something to do in the elevator when you’re stuck with a bunch of strangers for 20 floors. I was shocked to see that apparently, the local government in New Delhi, India has decided to outlaw stray monkeys from the city’s streets. My first reaction was one of dissapointment. Isn’t seeing monkeys walking around and crawling on everything part of the charm that is New Delhi? What other reason could I possibly have to travel to New Delhi now? I wanted go there and shop the wonderful shops on the side of the road. All the while dodging moneky shit that the monkeys had thrown at me. What fun! When I came down from my initial shock, I began to think about hygiene. Maybe flying monkey shit is not the best way to avoid disease. But it sure keeps you on your toes.

This is a sad sad day.

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