Have we all become stupid

How come everyone is falling for these chain letters again? “Repost this or you will die.” “Someone will fall in love with you if you repost” “You will turn Amish if you don’t” “You’ve just won $50,000. Repost to collect” Am I taking crazy pills again?

I thought we all learned in the mid to late 90’s that its all bullshit. That was the first thing a newbie emailer would do when they learned how. Fwd. My personal favorite Fwd being the one were Bill Gates himself says he’ll give you a crisp $20 if you forward the email to at least 5 people.

Maybe I’m naive and its still a problem that I’m blind to. But I assumed this problem had been eradicated. Somehow Myspace has legitimized it again? What a crock.

And what is the point of these bulletins or emails anyway? It doesn’t seem to make any money for anyone. Nor does the originator have any way of tracking the progress of his/her work. It must be another one of those weird things on the internet. Like THIS

Repost this bulletin to receive a complimentary back rub from greg.

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