I know I’m late in the game to be professing my love of the show LOST. But I want it to be archived on the internet for all the world to see. I adore this show. LOST has changed the way I view television. It has changed what I thought was possible on network TV. An intelligent show with interesting story lines, intriguing characters, AND good-looking people? Witty writing. A sense of humor. Its no wonder this show is so often compared to Twin Peaks.

The gem of this show is clearly its rich character development. They take their time with each character. As a result, the audience not only knows the name of every character, but actually cares about them. Never mind that the mysterious island is a super-character unto itself. Its no wonder we lemmings go back for more week after week. Its also no wonder we feel a fragmented sense of well-being when the show goes on hiatus several times during the season.

What else is amazing about this show is that it’s practically interactive tv. Each week thousands of people scour dozens of online communities and forums for pictures, discussions, spoilers, rumors, theories and anything else to do with the show. Several times during the show’s existence the dialogue onscreen has acknowledged its fan-base. Veiled lines spoken by certain characters (most often Hurley) have addressed issues the fans have had. While its not exactly breaking the fourth wall, I’d still consider it a blurring. And its really sweet to be recognized.

There are rumors going around that LOST producers will release mini-episodes on the iTunes Music Store. Each mini-episode would revolve around a subordinate character. While I’m salivating at the idea of more LOST, of course I’m skeptical. We’ll see what happens.

I would also like to let it be known that I have been a mega-fan since “Walkabout”, the fourth episode. Only because I missed the pilot when it aired and subsequently forgot about LOST until I caught episode four. I’ve single handedly pushed the show on approximately 12 people. All fans now. It took a lot of work too. Those DVDs have a lot of mileage on them. I’ve never been a such a champion of a TV show before. A testament to the power of LOST. Now if it can answer some of its own questions…

For fans of the show. We’ve become accustomed to that eerie noise that sounds over the opening title. There’s no theme music. But this guy has re-imagined an opening title sequence. Its pretty cool. Check it out. A product of the show’s interactivity! Quicktime 7 required. I don’t have Chosen’s contact info, but if he/she ever sees this, please contact me.

Download the new LOST opening credits (2.5 mb)
by Chosen.

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