News about Stall and other things

Well Stall has been very slow in coming. Shooting wrapped 7 months ago and we still don’t have a completed movie. Issues beyond my control have brought post-production to a deafening crawl. But we have made progress in the past few weeks. Christian has the masters and is currently working on a final edit out in Hollywood with a buddy of his. I’ve been working on the music and dvd for a while. We should have something complete sooner than later. I’ve also been able to burn out some test dvds to show people for preliminary feedback. We all agree the final short would benefit from some needed cutting. Steady…. things are moving and our enthusiasm is back up again.

Also, I’ve been working on FX for Dave and Greg in Jersey City. We shot some test footage, which I edited and sent to a great guy in NYC named Aaron Kent who will be laying some 3D models over it. This is in preparation for a feature we’ll be shooting in the next couple months. Look out for it. Also, thanks to Jeff Samson for storyboarding the scene. The storyboard is art by itself.

Finally, I’ve been re-writing the next miabi film, which is tentatively titled I Think I Married a Robot. You’ve probably heard me talk about it before, but now I’m really moving on it. Romantic Sci-Fi Comedy?

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