The drug that runs this economy

Its been about two years since I really drank coffee. Sure I’ve had a cup here and there. But I was completely off the stuff. It felt good not depending on it in the morning…

Well let me tell you. I made a mistake. Last week I said, “Eh, why not, one cup won’t kill you”

GOD DAMN! DELICIOUS! I forgot how good this dope was. Now, like the slave that I am, I’m headed right to the kitchen when I get in in the morning and brewing that cup. (Which is extremely easy with the advances in coffee technology that seem to have popped up in the past few years.) I had been using a “Strength 2” blend, but up to a “Strength 3” now. And moving on up. I’m also drinking 2 cups a day. I’m sure lightweight to you fair-weathered coffee friends, but hey, I just got back on the stuff. I’m sure that’ll change soon too.

I don’t like to doctor my coffee. To quote the greatest special agent this world has ever seen. I take my coffee, “Black as midnight on a moonless night.” Which is, “Pretty black”.

I just love the way it makes me feel. I love speaking really fast and being jittery all the time. And that sense of quasi-alertness is the best.

I love this drug.

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