The Miabi Condition

My fans want more content. I’ve heard the whispers. I’ve read the emails. I’ve seen the Myspace comments.

But what makes a good Miabi post? Like a bad magician, I’m about to give away all my secrets. It’s got to be sharp, witty, and uniquely humorous. It’s usually bitter, skeptical, sarcastic, and tongue-in-cheek. A good Miabi post usually shows poor judgement and little forethought. But it speaks in diagonals and right angles, not straight lines. And there’s got to be cursing. Lots of fucking cursing.

The problem here is that this exotic blend is hard to come up with every day. I try to write on the train to and from work, but have you ever ridden in a train? Those seats are so damn uncomfortable that I fall asleep almost every time! It’s important that my fans know this is not your typical blog with daily entries and/or trackbacks to other sites. Truth is, I don’t really use the internet that often and couldn’t even direct you to another blog. I think there’s one on Gooooogle? I don’t even have a computer. I write all of these posts on yellow legal paper and then feed them to my robot. Which in turn digests the stuff and digitizes it, while simultaneously fetching me beer.

You guys need to know that I first and foremost value quality over quantity. I’d much rather post once a month than dilute the place with daily fodder. I write by candlelight and matches are in short supply. Many things are planned here. Just need to find time to write them.

Now that you know the Miabi voice, I accept all suggestions for content on this site.

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