We can be..


I think its time to announce to the world that I dig this show. Pretty well done. Not cheesy at all. (although, cheese has crept up once or twice). Great story telling. No real humor, even though there is some comic relief. Kind of like X-Men without the deeper message and the 30+ years of mythology. You’ve got the guy who can fly. The girl who is indestructable. The guy who can teleport himself in time and space (very cool). The guy who can steal other peoples powers. And the girl with the mysterious alter ego. More and more people are cropping up with different powers all the time. Although they allude to these powers as being a leap in evolution, I think they’ve been real careful to not call these people “mutants”. Probably a good idea for them. I have yet to watch this week’s episode, but so far its been mostly character development. We don’t quite know what they’re fighting yet. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume it’ll be someone with special powers as well. We’ll see where these writers take us.

Most importantly, its been getting better and better with each show.

Check your local listings on Mondays. Heroes.

I predict we’ll hear a David Bowie song in the show sometime before the season finale`.

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