You’ve been lied to!

I’m no investigatory journalist by any stretch, but I do have this expose` to report. What I’m about to tell you may shock you. I was certainly thrown for a loop. Please take a seat if one is available to you. Here it is…. The crisper sleeve that comes with every Hot Pocket, does not do anything. Nothing. Nada. They’re pointless!

I’m shocked too. But after highly scientific analysis, the conclusion I’ve come to is that those little grey and white cardboard sleeves aren’t worth a damn.

Having had nothing to eat for dinner last night, I was rather hungry today. I whipped out not one, but two Hot Pockets. Being of inquisitive mind, I decided it was time to see if these crisper sleeves actually do anything. From what I can tell, the purpose of said sleeves is to increase the crispiness of your Hot Pockets and in turn make them taste better.

The first Pocket was put in it’s sleeve and placed in the microwave on high. Nuked for 1:15. What came out was a hot delicious pastry treat filled with sausage, egg, and cheese. The exterior was a nice texture. Not exactly “crisp” like baklava, but what really is in a microwave? I enjoyed number 1.

The second pocket was simply put on a paper plate. No crisper sleeve at all. Nuked again on high for 1:15. The resulting delicacy was hot and tasty as well. And there was NO NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE in taste or texture. The sausage, egg, and cheese was a nice treat in between breakfast and lunch.

What a load of crap. All this time I could have been enjoying Hot Pockets without the hassle of the crisper sleeve. The crisper sleeve is a sham. Use it or don’t use it. I don’t care.

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