After You

Wow, what a morning. I need to write about this because it needs to be carved in stone (cyberspace will do) for all the world to see.

In the lobby of my office building there is a little coffee stand called City Perk. Clever! It sells coffee and tea and various breakfast snacks, like pistachio logs and lemon-poppy seed muffins. There is usually a line there because this tiny little depot services all 21 or so floors of the building. People need their pep. And they’re willing to wait in line for it. Or are they?

On this morning, there was no line. I casually walked through the rotating door and approached the ID scanner. Once the automated security system acknowledged my presence, (by greeting me with that fulfilling beep) I make my way to City Perk, which is towards the back of the lobby. I can hear footsteps behind me but think nothing of it. I am being trailed by a woman who is seemingly going to City Perk as well. At the coffee stand, a single patron is in the process of being helped. I get directly behind her and await my turn. I know exactly what I want. Medium Earl Grey tea. Plain. Two honeys please.

But what happens next blows my mind. It’s like something out of a comic book. I’m shocked. The woman who was following several steps behind me goes AROUND and forms her own line to the left of the person being helped. So now there are two lines. I’m just amazed at what has just happened. She pushes her way in. I don’t say anything because I need confirmation that what is happening is actually happening. It is. We exchange eye contact for a moment and I have a huge condescending grin on my face which screams “Wow, I can’t believe you’re doing this.” She is helped next. And I have just lost a little more faith in humanity.

She walks off. I should have offered to buy her coffee. I order my tea, but have trouble getting my money out because I’m still trying to process what has just happened. I have never been so blatantly cut before. It feels… weird.

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  1. Greg January 26, 2007

    Ha! I just got into the show 30 Rock. And the opening scene of the pilot episode is a guy cutting Tina Fey in line at a hot dog stand. She ends up jumping in and buying all the hot dogs. I really like this show.

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