Barbara please.

I wish it were possible to express my feelings towards this show. Its just not possible. I could use all the nasty adjectives there are. But in the end, it is not possible to convey in words. It is something deep down. Produces a physical response. Eye-twitching. Or vomit. Both. Both.

I am sickened by these women. These loud mouths somehow got on TV and think they can engage in intelligent political discourse. They probably think they’re supposed to… on a show called The View. In reality, these “debates” are all really just a disguise for their maddening female insecurities. Who’s got the bigger cock.

The worst part about it is that poor, innocent bystanders like my own dear mother watch this drivel and blindly enjoy the catty, uninformed behavior.

I really can’t take this anymore. Make it all go away Barbara Walters. I know you are somewhat on the level. Do it for the good of the land. You’re show is a laughing stock. Ratings, Schmatings. For God’s sake. You’re a news woman!

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