Don’t tase me, bro!

UPDATE! “Don’t tase me, Bro” has been voted the top quote of 2007. This has made my year. Haha!!

I do not understand the fallout from this incident at the University of Florida. Big deal. He got tasered. That’s the whole point of a taser. It’s a non-lethal weapon. A stun gun.

You have an ex-presidential candiate up there. Still a powerful political voice. Security is obviously heightened. This guy couldn’t calm down for two minutes? They warned him about the taser and asked him several times to relax. If he’d shut his mouth and regained his composer he might have walked out of there without being tonight’s news headline. (oh what… he planned this as a way to bring attention to the excessive use of non-lethal weapons?)

He might have even gotten his questions answered, or at least entertained, by Senator Kerry if he’d cooled down. This jack ass is lucky he lives in a culture which protects jack asses.

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  1. Mark September 19, 2007

    owwww!! owwww!! owwwww!!

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