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Tim Kring is the creator of the TV Show Heroes. The following is cross posted from a Heroes bboard I was on. Miabifilms is not a TV blog. But I felt my post had some redeeming value regarding artists.
I read yesterday an apology from Tim Kring. It was in regards to Season 2 being too slow and not hitting the right chords. As a result, the ratings have dropped.

Mr. Kring,
I think you are wrong on a few accounts. I consider myself a discerning TV viewer. And a rather finicky one at that. But I’ve been raving about Season 2. I truly believe it is better than Season 1. I’ve enjoyed slowly discovering what is actually going on. I’ve enjoying watching these characters develop more and more. I thought this show was about characters! Questions are being answered. Can’t ask for much more.

I have issue with your comment about romance. ”In retrospect, I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.” Love is a good thing and has a place in most works of art. Especially in a show which is essentially good vs evil. Titanic had mind-blowing and wonderfully transparent special effects, but it would not have been the enormous hit it was without the love story.

Regarding the “save the world stakes” not being revealed sooner. This to me was never a problem. I don’t need my heroes saving the entire world. I believe this show is also about discovery and a little localized drama is a good thing. Nuclear explosions and global pandemics are all well and good, but in the end, we care about the people we’ve met. “Saving the World” seems to be a big part of the show and I have no problem with that. But the world is a big place.

Another thing bothers me about this apology however. I want to know who you’re apologizing to? Yes there’s been a ratings drop. But that happens with all hit shows. I don’t get this new thing where creators feel the need to make apologies. You’re artists! Don’t ever make apologies for creative decisions. That doesn’t make any sense. Damon Lindelof did a similar thing with LOST. These shows are attached at the hip for obvious reasons. If LOST has taught us anything, its be patient while the plot develops.

It’s easy to see what worked and what didn’t work in retrospect. But you are writing a story. You take risks. It’s impossible to be pragmatic about ratings. All you can really do is produce the best stuff you can and hope people come for the ride. I work in TV and know that you are essentially slaves to your ratings. However you should be proud of this show. Which I’m sure you still are.

Of course, its not a perfect show, and offering solutions to you would completely go against what this post is about. But while I have the stage, I want to make two points here that I believe will ultimately benefit the show.

Hiro needs to be in EVERY episode in some way or another. We always need to know when and where he is. Hiro has always been the heart of this show and we shouldn’t forget that.

Micah is another core character to this show for similar reasons and should be treated accordingly. While he doesn’t necessarily need to be in every episode, we should always be aware of him. He represents our innocence. And our wonder. He wants to use his powers for good. And is level-headed enough to not be afraid of them. I think his suggestion to his family that they become a kind of Fantastic Four was one of this best things said this season. Micah is a mini-Hiro.

This is just one man’s opinion. You have a great show here. Keep up the great work Mr. Kring. And never apologize for it.

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