It’s not a phone, its a Transformer!

Let me first make it perfectly clear that this is not a website that is slave to anything Apple puts out. Yes, I use a Mac and absolutely love it (and would suggest it to anyone in the market for a new computer), but I do not think Apple is infallible.

Having said that. Have you seen this new mobile phone Apple announced yesterday? My god, it’s beautiful. It’s a smart phone without any buttons. Or as someone has already been quoted as saying, “It’s a brilliant phone!” But it’s also a fullscreen iPod. (Granted, one with as much storage as an iPod Nano). You scroll through your contacts or your music or your videos with your finger, with all the eye candy fixins that we’ve come to expect from Apple. My personal favorite feature is the ability of the phone to automagically adjust the screen to its orientation. Tilt the screen sideways and watch your videos in fullscreen. Freakin’ amazing! Write this one down and quote me, “Accelerometers are cool!”

Its priced competitively with other ‘smart phones’, which means its probably too expensive for the average cell phone customer. But it sure is pretty. And the price certainly won’t stop the Mac nerds from emptying their pockets. Whether they need it or not.

Comes in 4gb ($499) and 8gb ($599) models. Ouch!

But here’s the thing. I already own an iPod (with 10 x more space than the high-end iPhone). As do 50 million other people. Strip it down and price it at $199 and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. Are you listening Steve?? Yes, I’ll carry both.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go look right now. Do not hesitate. Go.

Apple iPhone

This post is really just an excuse to get a picture of the thing on my website. Sooo pretty.

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