Miabifilms.com is about to jump the shark

Yeah… Paris got let out of jail today after serving only 3 of her already reduced 23 day sentence for a DUI on probabtion. It’s going to be blogged about all week. Dissected. Condemned. Entertainment Tonight will probably devote 85% of its broadcast to this.

What? People didn’t know celebrities get special treatment? This is shocking news? Get over it. Thems the breaks.

I’m not going to discuss it here. However, am I the only person who thinks that this hate/hate relationship between the hotel heiress and the American public is just growing pains?

Paris Hilton is going to grow up. Start doing real work. People are going to forget about all this craziness. Hell, someone might say she has real talent at some point. She’s American royalty. Any way you slice it, she is going to get covered. She is not going to disappear. She’ll become an activist and philanthropist. When all is said and done, America will end up loving her. Watch.

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