More Consumer Electronics ideas from Apple, Inc.

I’d like to add to this. The…

Apple branded kiosks which replace jukeboxes at bars and clubs. A bar builds its own library with it’s own purchased cds. As customers (usually feeling indulgent or… drunk) look for songs that aren’t in the club’s library, they can drop money in and buy it from the iTunes Music Store. Following multiple warnings, all songs bought from the iJuke become property of the bar.

I’d be willing to bet this is already being done by bars with a laptop hooked up to the audio system behind the bar. Patrons give the bartender money to buy a song from iTMS. Within seconds, you and your friends are instantly singing along to Love Plus One by Haircut 100.

There are loads of licensing issues to be ironed out with this, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Apple, Inc!


Originally posted January 15th, 2007

Apple officially changed their company name last week. Most people won’t realize it and it makes little difference to pop culture as a whole. Apple is Apple. But they dropped ‘Computer’ from Apple Computer, Inc and are now simply Apple, Inc. ithink its a great decision and perfect in sync with the current direction of the company. Lets not fool ourselves. This is completely brought on by the immeasurable popularity of the little white mp3 player. But now we have the Hi-Fi, the iPhone, and the AppleTV. We could even lump Airport into that list. Things are changing in Cupertino.

Lets talk about other products we may or should see from Apple, Inc.
Old AppleiFrame – A wireless digital picture frame to display your photos. iPhoto integration of course. Makes perfect sense. AppleTV gets your media into the living room. Why not let the iFrame bring your photos to the end table?

iRemote – Apple already has a remote that works with their computers and the coming AppleTV. But it’s a simple iPod shuffle looking device and doesn’t have that many features. And its locked to all their stuff. I suggest making a branded universal remote. It’ll work with all of your media components. What better way to get Apple on the brain than to grab an Apple iRemote every time you want to access your media?

iAlarm – A clock radio alarm that hangs out by your bed. iPod integration of course. I know there are tons of knockoffs available already that do exactly this. But Apple has yet to join the fray. As Apple, Inc., why not? Wake up the Apple way.

iMassage – A USB or wireless massaging product that you drape over your desk chair. On screen controls. Massages to your iTunes library. Let Apple make you feel good!

AppleBooth – Apple’s take on the Photo booth. And the hardware version of Photobooth. Apple should build kiosks. Put them in malls. Grocery stores. Steal a kiss in an AppleBooth. Take pictures of you and your friends crammed into its tight confines. Instantly print or email your pictures. Complete with an Apple watermark of course.

iBox – It’s a stretch, but an Apple gaming system. nahhhh

A lot of fuss has been made about the “halo effect”. In a nutshell, supposedly, you buy an iPod and you are compelled to buy a Mac. It is basically proven to exist, as Apple’s market share has steadily grown in the last few years largely attributed to the iPod’s success. It is my notion that this is Apple’s dark secret. This is all for more market share. Apple is a computer company at heart and is STILL reeling from what happened between them and Microsoft in the 80’s. This move into consumer electronics is ALL ABOUT selling more computers and increasing their operating system market share. And why not? They make the best damn computers.


  1. Sip December 9, 2007

    Hows about you go work for apple (inc), aye?

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