No More Ziti

Absolutely loved the ending. Any Sopranos fan would. Such a wonderful scene. Don’t Stop Believin’ rocking in the background. Tension so thick you needed to chew on something to avoid grinding your teeth down to little sprouts of calcium. One enigmatic cut. Initial gut reaction was that it was showing life going on. Tony had won. He’s still looking over his shoulder. But he survived (the show) and will soldier on with his double life of crime and family.

However, I’m leaning more and more towards the Tony got wacked theory. Clearly the flashback at the end of the penultimate episode with Bobby and T in the boat was important. “You probably don’t even hear it when it happens…” When you first see this flashback you think it’s perhaps illustrating Tony’s anxiety; as he was in hiding at the time. Or that he was reminiscing about his friend and brother-in-law who just got executed. But after seeing the finale, It may very well have been foreshadowing his death.

An astounding ending to one of the most remarkable works every created.

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