Thank you for coming to my Bar Mitzvah

On Thursday, February 15th I got to see my favorite band in the universe Arcade Fire live at Judson Memorial Church in the Village. (Terrific venue to see a show) It is so nice when things that come with such high expectations do not disappoint. I’m looking in a thesaurus right now to find an appropriate adjective to describe the show. They were stupefying! I absolutely love all the songs from the new record Neon Bible and they all sound great live. But the highlights of the show for me were “(Power Out)” (see below) and the in-the-crowd end-of-the-world encore of “Wake Up”. I’m glad that we live in an age where you can go to a show one night and find video of it on the World Wide Wonderfulâ„¢ the next. This person has no idea that the dinky little video he/she took on their cell phone is now sitting comfortably on my iPod. Thank you!

Thanks to slothsarefunny for taking the above picture. More pics from the show can be found at slothsarefunny’s flickr page HERE.

And thanks to iamtlo for taking this awesome video!


  1. iamtlo February 22, 2007

    you’re welcome :)

    thats my video you got there hehe (and i took it on my digicam)

  2. Greg February 23, 2007

    thank you thank you. I was hoping you’d show up. When I say “dinky little video”, I mean it in the nicest way. Emphasizing the anonymity and simplicity of the internet.

    Did you get to go to any of the other Judson shows?

    Do you have the whole thing on your digi??

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