Video Books

It’s the new year. A time for new things. New ideas. This next one is really going to knock your socks off. Just file it under the “why didn’t I think of that!” category. Are you ready for it+ You’ve heard of audio books… Well I give you Video Books!! You actually get to SEE someone READING your favorite book. Long road trip? Pop a video book into your video iPod. Rather play with your electronic gadgets than read a book? Now you can do both!

Isn’t video the next logical step after audio? With download speeds always increasing, youTube becoming a household word, and the dissemination of internet video as a whole, I feel video books are the next big thing. Keep an eye out for them at your local iTunes music store.

As a proof of concept, I give you a reading of the first Chapter of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Timequake. I did not get Mr. Vonnegut’s permission to use this book. I hope he doesn’t mind, or Kilgore Trout, or Berkely Books.


| Right click to download the iPod-ready version. 10.2 mb (QT7 required)

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  1. Ken Cameron January 3, 2007

    Good stuff. I like how you made the humore about the process of making the movie. Keep it up. I maintain my rss subscription because you surprise me every once in a while. Thanks.

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