7836 steps

The company I work for has started a new internal initiative called We Get Fit. It’s all about getting healthy. Much to my surprise, yesterday we all received branded pedometers to wear on our belts. Which is really cool because everyone at work looks like they’re stuck in the 80’s with their totally retro beepers. (Technology is NOT cyclical!) The idea is that you are supposed to take 10,000 steps a day. These are the first steps to a healthy heart. Along with cheesecake and coffee.

Well this sounded quite interesting to me, so I put this little piece of magic in my pocket when I woke up this morning to see how I was doing. Wore it all day and went about my daily business. I thought I had this in the bag. Took no unnecessary steps. Every step I took was meaningful. I was walking with purpose.

Just got home. Took it out of my pocket and what do you know? I only took 7836 steps. Incredibly unhealthy. After a half hour of walking around my apartment in circles, I gave up. Looks like tomorrow I’ll have to take a few extra trips to the hot dog stand downstairs. I need to get to that 10,000 step plateau baby!

Just know that we’re out there. Walking, counting.

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