My dear friend Kelly Zuk works at a design firm called hellodarling in the city. She’s one of these artsy broads. You know the type. Excellent taste in cookware. Jerk boyfriend. Killer with Illustrator. This is why it didn’t surprise me that she is involved in a really cool public art project.

You see, Kelly and hellodarling have filled three floors of storefront with balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. The project was comissioned by Somerset Partners, the people who own the building. They had 33,000 sqft of retail space that was sitting empty and they wanted to do something fun with it.

Donning my press cap, and in my best James Cagney voice, I asked Kelly if there was any ulterior motive to the balloons. You know, like peace in the Middle East. A plea to solve the energy crisis? Design firms against reality tv?

“No. Its soley for the public’s enjoyment. We wanted to do something that appealed to everyone, of every age, in every language. Who doesn’t love balloons? Especially over 10,000 of them.”

Fair enough. Are you reading from a script?

“I’m a copywriter, this stuff flows from my mouth. By the way, I still have no idea what this is for…”

I’m just posting a blog entry. I wanted to give you kudos. Geez.

“Thanks Gregory. Kiss a Bridezilla for me.”

I found this great picture at IndividualEye. It gives you an idea of what to expect without spoiling it. If you want to see it, get your ass down there right now. It’s at 450 Park on the corner of 57th. NYC.

That's a lot of rubber.

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