Being a pro at this whole internets thing for the past 13 or so years, I can’t say this video shocked me at all. I’ve seen much worse behavior, as I’m sure you have. We’re all jaded aren’t we? I’ll never forget seeing my first be-heading.

This video was shot outside of a Sarah Palin rally in Pennsylvania. Not really known as being one of the most tolerant places in the country. It shows lots of angry, organized, white people shouting horrible things about Barack Obama. Half these people are at the wrong rally. But the preceedings do offer up some funny bites. I rather liked the line, “The only difference between Osama and Obama is the BS!” Clever! I wonder if this is pure generational racism, or if they really don’t like his policies. Additionally, are people really scared that if Barry is elected, he’ll appoint Al Sharpton to a cabinet position? Get real people. What, because he’s black? Barack Obama knows full well that Al Sharpton is a wack-job.

It’s not naive of me to think that all conservatives don’t think the way the people do in this video. And it actually makes me happy that I live in a country that allows jackasses like this to organize. However, someone needs to slap the taste out of these people’s mouths.

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