I dig Busking. Buskers are street musicians or performers. Buskers are providing the service of entertainment. They are not begging for your change. It is unfortunate that they get associated with the transients that usually occupy the same spaces. And although they’re usually too frickin’ loud during my afternoon transfer in Union Square, I really do appreciate them for attempting to enrich my commute with song and dance. They turn a cold and damp subway station into a little Lilith Fair!

On Saturday, I was coming home from a party and took the L train at Bedford Ave. As I got down to the platform there was a dude waiting there, wiggling a styrofoam cup at people. 20 feet behind him was a woman playing Dylan songs on a beat up acoustic. And just to prove a point to the ether, I gave her a whole dollar. Paper. Entertain me.

My favorite busker is Natalia Paruz, The Saw Lady. She’s based in New York, but has busked throughout the world. More importantly, she totally owns the musical saw. I have one of her haunting cds (yes its true, buskers have cds). I long for the day I’m walking through the catacombs of Herald Square and hear the weepy sounds of that saw. I’d miss a transfer for that.

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  1. Michael November 11, 2008

    Dude – I saw the Saw Lady just yesterday! At the Staten Island ferry terminal. Awesome! Usually I’m bored waiting, but not yesterday!

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