Yesterday after work I stepped outside after a particularly taxing day and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a large protest right there in front of my office. This thing was huge. It stretched three city blocks and was more organized than anything seen in PCU. It was massive. The most astounding part of this whole thing is that every third person had a rally sign. They were really prepared. This wasn’t your crappy handwritten on oak tag fare either. These were printed on colored poster board, with a nice wooden dowel running down the middle. Good for them. The signs read “Healthcare for Homecare Workers” It seems the people who are helping the disabled and elderly have some serious issues with their healthcare benefits.

There were the professional signs. There was rhythmic chanting. There was a guy on a bullhorn. (Though I couldn’t really make out what he was bull-horning.) There was a non-violent march down 7th Ave.

A sight to behold. And inspiring that so many people used their right to assemble in such a civil and hopefully effective way.

I support Healthcare for Homecare workers. Not just because they were marching outside my front door but because those bastards know how to organize! Oh and I hope they get what they’re looking for.


This image doesn’t do it justice. Multiply it by 10.

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  1. Mark September 17, 2008

    We’re not gonna protest!!

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