Well we’re going from ultra-hi-rez to ultra-low-rez. Yesterday was the future of digital video. Today is a bunch of crap I put together a long time ago. Tidying my computer last night, I came across two videos I made a few years back.

At the time I was experimenting with mood. Not having access to good footage, I did what anyone would do- stole it from The Discovery Channel. It’s basically a music video cut to Bjork’s Heirloom. Our Icelandic princess has always been a different breed of artist. I think her music fits perfectly with what I was trying to do. I thought these sounds with these images had a certain cyberpunk, urban wasteland, numbing feel to it. Not explicitly cyberpunk, but I thought it felt cool. A little too bright for dystopia.

Heirloom has been up at before. People were giving me compliments on how good the footage looked, so I decided to take it down. The folks at Discovery never called, but I felt weird getting credit for something I didn’t shoot. I guess I don’t feel so weird anymore? This was made around 2002. Just having some fun.

I never really did anything with this and was about to toss it when it hit me… YouTube!



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