This one I don’t get. I could understand 2girls1cup. I could understand the Star Wars kid. But this is one internet sensation I’m missing. Apparently, Delta Air Lines produced a new in-flight safety video with the intention of making it more interesting to look at. Achieved by throwing in higher production values, a touch of comedy, and some sex appeal. The general thinking that people zone out during this part of the flight and if they actually pay attention to this video, they may act appropriately when the time comes. So throw sparkly things at them! ooohhhhh ahhhhhh. Shiny.

Well they were so proud of their work that they decided to post the thing on YouTube for all the world to see. And the video took off. Got something like half a million views in a few days. The nice looking lady who appears in the video has been on a number of morning shows (and Ellen!) Dubbed Deltalina, a portmanteau of Delta and Angelina Jolie, (people say she looks like our favorite goodwill ambassador) has become something of a celebrity. Katherine Lee is her real name and she’s an actual flight attendant for Delta. That’s all well and good for her. I’m sure she takes her job very seriously and deserves the 15 minutes.

But what I don’t get is why this thing became a… thing. There is near zero comedy and little to no sex appeal. I don’t find Katherine Lee all that attractive actually. She’s got some odd looking cheek bones. She’s not ugly by any stretch. But she’s not entering Kardashian territory. Did I just kill my credibility? She does that one famous little finger wag. One little finger wag and you’ve got an internet phenom? Really. It’s JUST a safety video. Is all the hoopla because of those cool rack focuses? Watch it. I swear. There’s nothing to it. Seriously. Go on. Go ahead.

Looking to capitalize on any popular meme I can, I’ve decided to make my own safety video in response. I assure you, after watching mine, you’ll deplane that plane faster than petrification. Mine has no comedy or sex appeal either. But what it does have are lots and lots of sound FX! Zooooom!


| Right click to download the iPod-ready version. 3.3 mb


  1. Karina April 12, 2008

    This is so going on my ipod!

  2. Frank Martin September 15, 2008

    Virgin America “gets it” DeltaLina doesn’t.

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