Doomsday or Awesomeday?

Well folks. We’re still here. Today at around 3:30 am EST, in Switzerland, scientists switched on the world’s largest particle accelerator. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been the source of debate for backyard scientists and drunken circles for a while now.

It goes like this. The popular argument is that these scientists don’t know what they’re doing. When this thing fully powers up, the resulting experiments will be so potent that they might actually create a black hole right there in the Swiss Alps. A black hole that would then suck us all in, tearing the planet and the space around it apart.

Today they turned it on. For the first test, they successfully threw a single proton beam around the 17 mile long doughnut. Sometime in October, they’re going to throw another beam in the opposite direction and let the two collide. When that happens, they will look really really really closely and be able to confirm or disprove some of our most fantastic physics theories.

The LHC has been called the world’s largest science experiment. It has the potential to solve some of our universe’s great mysteries. Or at the very least dig up some new questions. There is no telling what will come of these experiments. Teflon was nice, but give me lightspeed. There’s also something very fascinating about the outcry. People are actually talking about creating a black hole on Earth. A fucking black hole! What would that be like?? This is pure science-fiction. I’m happy to be living in a time where experiments like these are going on.

I truly hope that the world does not end when they start doing full experiments in October. I’m also very hopeful that the lessons learned from smashing protons into one and other give us a better understanding of ourselves and the space around us.

Cheers for Awesomeday.

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