Fitz & Greg

You see… I’m in this duo. We come together like once a year and write songs. Usually drunk. Usually sitting in front of a TV with the ballgame on. Or on the beach at the Jersey Shore. This supergroup consists of Mike Fitzpatrick and I (Greg Granito). Our first record is called The Catacombs of Herald Square. Most of our songs seem to end up being about baseball or video games. We’ve been compared to Wham! or Evan and Jaron. (Actually we haven’t, but would that be so bad?) General goofiness ensues.

Here are three cuts off of Catacombs. With lyrics. All songs written by Fitz & Greg. Right click, download, and enjoy.

“Blue Controller” (2005)

How do you juke in this game, Shane?

Blue Controller… doesn’t work.
Yes it does, yes it’s just because you suck.
Blue Controller does not work.

Shane Shane Shane Shane Shane

Fitz Fitz, sucks
Fitz Fitz sucks

Fitz sucks

“Teixeira” (2005)

Jeff Logan, is not as good as Teixeira

Rafeal Palmeiro, not as bad as Teixeira

What about Jose Reyes?
uh huh he’s fast, not as fast as Teixeira

and Tad Iguchi?
he plays less positions than Teixeira

What about Vladimir Guerrero, he’s good…
but he can’t throw as far as Teixeira!

Brass Crab!!

Chad Kaskaiden?, habbit nebbbit stap dat dat dat Teixeira

“D-Wright” (2007)

can i have your number?

oh so right
how was BP?

your swing is tight
i think i hear thunder

we should hang out tonight?
oh please, call me

you’re the new Jeet
you’re the next Jeet
you’re the Jeet Jeet

don’t you know?
just leave what’s perfect

Ricky H
he stole a base
leave his speed alone

ever talk to him?
I can see why you would

he’s your prodigy
yeah it’s a lot of meat!


  1. Dennis October 10, 2008

    D-Wright is epic.

    When does the full album drop?

  2. Fitz October 10, 2008

    1/1/09 – PENCIL IT IN!

  3. Greg October 10, 2008

    A few days after Chinese Democracy.

  4. Dennis October 12, 2008
  5. Shane October 15, 2008


    Having a Fitz & Greg song written about you ranks right up there with your own Hollywood star, or a guest appearance on the Simpsons, or hosting SNL. It’s pretty much the most awesome thing that’s ever happened to me…ever!

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