Hey Hey, My My

Neil Young you glorious bastard. He’s a Mountie. He’s a model train enthusiast. Oh and he’s written some of the best songs ever. And now Neil Young has a new little endeavor that can possibly change attitudes about internal combustion. The alpha Crazy Horse has started a company called Linc Volt that aims to retro-fit classic cars (or any for that matter) with hybrid engines. Exchanging that catylitic converter with the cool breeze of electricity.

Neil Young likes his cars long and heavy, with tail fins sharper than the cheddar I put on my Triscuits. But his love of the environment supplants any automotive eccentricities. Lets face it. The Prius is no ’63 Corvette. When a man like Neil Young rides in a green car that looks bad ass, people stand under the Harvest Moon and take notice. I hope it takes off.

Grease Lightning

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