I wanted to talk about Hulu for a second. I absolutely love this site. I’ve considered canceling my cable many times in the past because I don’t really watch TV anymore. Then came Hulu. Now I definitely don’t watch TV anymore. I Hulu.

Hulu’s been around for nearly a year now. I jumped aboard when I first heard about it. Deciding to give it a chance even though many, many, many sites have come and gone with the same principle. But Hulu has the power of General Electric behind it. And that is a power not to be taken lightly.

It first started, when I was catching up with 30 Rock. I won’t discuss the joys of having Liz Lemon at your fingertips because that is plainly obvious. Then I started watching a few movies on the site that I’d never seen before. Eight Men Out was a movie I’d always wanted to see but never got around to it. Glad I finally did. Say it ain’t so, Joe.

But, the real beauty of Hulu is that it has enabled me to check out show’s I’d heard of but never would have seen. For example, Firefly. Firefly is an awesome Sci-Fi/Western created by Joss Whedon. Though, I’d never really been into Joss Whedon’s other stuff, I absolutely became attached to this show. It even gives Battlestar a run for best Sci-Fi show ever. (-end geek) The characters are excellent and the show itself is both hilarious and thrilling at the same time. Since it was canceled after only 14 episodes, I managed to watch the entire series in just a few days. Then rented the movie Serenity. It’s times like this that you wish you hadn’t been so eager to consume. Now I have no more Firefly to enjoy. I already miss it. But because of Hulu, I can easily watch the show again and again. Jewel Saite is cute on levels approaching Jenna Fischer-ian.

Last year, I bought the pilot episode of Miami Vice from iTunes. The pilot is really a feature length movie and I thought it was a great piece of machismo escapism. And by all accounts ground breaking at the time, if a bit dated now. I watched this show as a kid, but can honestly say I never really got it then. The only thing I really remember is the sexy opening title sequence with that sweet sweet Jan Hammer Miami Vice theme. What have I discovered now because of Hulu? This is the sweatiest show I’ve ever seen. Shit, Crockett and Tubbs have sweat stains on their pastel-colored suits in nearly every scene. Can we get wardrobe in here? This show personifies the 80’s as much as Madonna writhing around in a wedding dress does. The writing does seem to hold up though, and I’ve been enjoying the first few episodes.

So trust me. Sign up for Hulu if you haven’t. It’s free.

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